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Since the beginning of time, the BEAR has terrified us with it's superior FIGHTING and mauling skills. At the dawn of the 21st century, humanity has invented lasers, air cannons, and the unstoppable psychological warfare of movies. Leverage your love of bad cinema and emerging technologies to conquer these towering fearsome beasts. VidHero is a videotape vigilante. By day he is paid to punish the perpetrators of late fees. By night, his hobby is to critically beat up filmmakers when he can find them. Leveraging the forgotten power of VHS through his roommate's mad science, VidHero blasts badly borrowed movies into the brains of his foes with shoulder mounted projectors. Then he usually runs up and punches 'em. Tonight VidHero is trapped in an run down theater by a new foe: The Projectionist. This psychopath has the technology to harden light, forcing his favorite films come to life around the audience. And for some reason, he is focusing on bear flicks. Battle your way up the aisle, through obscure movie scenes turned into battle arenas, until you reach The Projectionist's booth and roll the end credits on his pompous ass. Solve a mystery! Fight waves of Bears! Punch everything! Story
Demo is due in March 2018 A virtual reality video game currently under development.

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Gameplay You wake behind the screen in a dingy theater. Put on your suit, slot videotapes to modify your attacks, and press PLAY on a cartoonishly large REMOTE CONTROL the Projectionist has thrown into your area. Fire your fists through the air, focus each of your shoulder mounted lasers, and reel in any objects you can find in the area. The bear is coming, and it will almost certainly tear your body off. Get that suit back on asap, to keep fighting back. While this is an endless "wave shooter" at heart, it is possible to complete the story. Defeating a bear in each arena throughout the theater will unlock access to the projection booth where the Projectionist awaits.
trigger : force punch + this flying force can be curved in air by your hand motion + partial press curls fingers into fist (improving slap attacks) thumb stick : aim shoulder laser + active when touching + click stick in to fire a concentrated light pulse + cross both shoulder beams to teleport button : tape grab + pull distant objects to you. Hold button down to keep object in hand hand waving : slap Slappity slap! Watch in awe as your puny fingers break on the bear's tough hide! Controls
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